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"I applaud the work of the rapporteur, Mr Mavrommatis, and welcome the eagerly awaited White Paper on Sport adopted by the Commission. It is a useful and necessary measure, in that sporting activity constitutes such a significant dimension of European society. I would draw attention to the position of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, emphasising that sport must be valued socially, especially in the case of young people as a means of teaching them tolerance, respect and involvement. I believe that the Member States – backed by clear, transparent Community guidelines and policies – should make suitable spaces available for sport and involve society as a whole, including disadvantaged groups, in order that sporting activity can bring people together and help combat phenomena such as racism and xenophobia. Given that a lack of physical activity encourages diseases such as obesity and other chronic illnesses, I believe that cooperation between the sports sector and the health sector is crucial. The European Union has a vital coordinating role in informing citizens and encouraging them to take part in a range of sporting activities."@en1

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