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"Mr President, all my life I have absolutely loved sport, both as a participant and as a spectator. I should of course add that for years my fellow Member and friend Mr Mavrommatis and I were writing sports articles for the same paper. However, I am hardly optimistic after today’s debate. Whatever we do and however much we try to put these matters in order, the events themselves show that the situation is pretty dire. Doping is a daily problem and there have even been fatalities. The commercialisation of sport has been taken to extremes. Owing to the success of sport there is a preoccupation with spectacular shows on a grand scale, and this has led to corruption. In sport, television reigns supreme. I therefore think a symbolic gesture is very important. Bearing in mind the problems with the Olympic Games, I think we shall have to consider whether the Games should be returned permanently to Greece."@en1

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