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"Mr President, the White Paper refers to long-standing problems such as doping, and to issues regarding financial disputes between television companies over broadcasting rights, which obviously have negative consequences for both fans and viewers. In addition, the White Paper deals with a much more serious problem that constitutes an increasing threat to honest sport, notably football. I refer to betting establishments. They may well represent the greatest challenge to contemporary sport. By way of example I could mention the latest scandal to affect the national football league of the country we are currently in. The Chinese Mafia is said to have fixed the results of Belgian football matches. The forthcoming liberalisation of the market in games of chance, including those related to the world of sport, will create further temptation to infringe the principles of fair play. Finally, I have to say that I do not agree to the European Parliament’s proposal opposing FIFA’s stance on the principle of six players from a given country. FIFA’s proposal is sound. It will be the saving of national sport."@en1

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