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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to start by congratulating Mr Mavrommatis on his good report and his excellent cooperation with all our fellow Members who were interested in this issue, and there were many of them. Sport plays a more important role than had previously been recognised in the Commission and Council. In my view, this White Paper and the report are a good basis for developing all future activities and policies in the field of sport, especially since the Treaty of Lisbon finally gives sport the legal basis that it deserves. The White Paper and this report endeavour to strike a balance between competing interests, different types of sport, amateur and professional sport, between the specific characteristics of sport and the requirements of EU legislation, between social and cultural, economic and financial interests, and between profit and voluntary participation in these fields. I believe, therefore, that this endeavour deserves our genuine recognition. It opens up the opportunity to promote and cultivate the European model of sport. It thus maintains the specific characteristics of our sports organisations, which, after all, largely work on an autonomous basis and wish to continue doing so, especially as they tend to be highly reliant on volunteers' input. Secondly, we must try to support and promote the implementation of self-regulatory mechanisms at national and European level. May I recall paragraph 16 here, which I believe is extremely important. Thirdly, the report offers greater legal certainty with regard to the application of EU legislation to sport. Fourthly, the role of sport in education is an issue which has been mentioned frequently, and I would remind you of my report on this topic which dates back to 2004. Fifthly, the report discusses economic aspects, including the requisite financial commitment, particularly through lotteries, which has not been ruled out for the various sports here. Ten years ago, in my report on the role of the European Union in the field of sport, we called for a White Paper, and I am pleased that we are able to vote on it today."@en1

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