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"Mr. President, I congratulate Mr. Mavromatis for this report. The initiative of a White Paper on Sport is not only opportune, but also necessary. Taking into consideration the great number of employees in the field of sport, as well as the revenues sport generates, we should pay more attention to the manner in which the labour law is implemented in this field; many times, performance is achieved at early ages, but this is only one step away from exploiting minors. We should make sure that the revenues coming from sport activities are legally obtained and taxed according to the law. Violence in sport represents another problem. Human lives are lost every year in confrontations between supporters. On the one hand, the police forces and the clubs should cooperate in order to ensure a comfortable and safe environment during the sport events, and, on the other hand, the legal system should toughen punishments for violent acts related to sport events. In conclusion, Mr. President, I think that Mr. Mavromatis’ report proves that, at a European level, we need a coherent policy and concrete actions in order to turn to good account and make sport more efficient and I hope we will see more initiatives in this respect."@en1

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