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"I would like first of all to begin by thanking Mr Mavrommatis for his outstanding report and excellent cooperation. I spoke a moment ago as the draftsman of the opinion of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, and now I am speaking as shadow rapporteur for the press. I would like to underline three points, namely the importance of clear directives, the importance of the lotteries and home-grown players. First of all, I would like us to look at the specific aspects of sport and sporting organisations that require clear guidelines, where European legislation applies. I think that we must then give an answer in place of our hitherto preoccupied, case-by-case approach. Secondly, let us consider home-grown players. We must ensure that professional players of a young age are protected and are trained in an atmosphere of stability. For this reason we support the so-called home-grown players rule so that young people are trained by a club and can get their first contract with the same club. In this way it will naturally be the case that many national players can play in a club, without us discriminating on the basis of nationality, which is not the intention. We must respect the free movement of players, and that is an important principle for us. For this reason we do not disagree with FIFA’s so-called ‘six-plus-five’ regulation. Finally, we come to the lotteries. National lotteries have an important function. You could say that they perform a public service, as they support many social organisations, including sports structures. Liberalising the market has a positive impact, and therefore before any action is taken, its impact and viable alternatives must be carefully examined."@en1

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