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"Mr. President, dear colleagues, those who know me can tell for sure that sport and everything related to physical education is a way of life for me. I accept the publication of the White Paper on Sport with the hope that it will provide the foundations of a future consistent policy. I believe that when we speak of an European policy in this field, we should think, first and foremost, of our children, their health, future and social integration. The encouragement of sport in the educational standards is an important factor for the psychological and physical development of our children, a major tool for the protection of their health. The adoption of the White Paper and the establishment of an integrated structure at the European level to develop, promote and implement common policies in each type of sport, starting from sport for the youngest all the way to professional sport, not forgetting, of course, people with disabilities, will offer all citizens opportunities for participation and personal involvement in the community and contribute to the encouragement of the intercultural dialogue."@en1

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