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"Mr President, it will not surprise you, but I do not welcome the conclusions of this report. The fact that it declares ‘sport is rightly subject to the application of the acquis communautaire’ flies in the face of all current evidence. It ignores the most public lament of sports bodies throughout Europe: that the Bosman and Kolpak rulings have left then unable to foster the development of home-grown sports talent. As a direct result, national teams are underperforming on the international stage. Even the president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, believes the rules need to be changed. But if sports bodies thought the current situation was bad, the Lisbon Treaty is going to make things even worse by providing the Commission with the treaty heading it requires to start interfering – I am sorry, legislating – over sport directly. The UK Government’s refusal to honour its promise to hold a referendum on the Treaty means we do not have the opportunity to save sport in the UK from the impending doom of Commission interference. Perhaps the vote in Ireland will save us all."@en1

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