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"Mr President, the development of sport and support for its many facets is rightly considered to be one of the European Community’s strategic aims. The report deals with some very important issues related to regulation of the organisation of sport, and emphasises its economic dimension. I am very pleased to note also the prominence given to so-called sport for all. Supporting this notion is particularly important, because a large proportion of sporting ventures at club and association level are not undertaken for financial gain. For that reason they are in fact in danger of disappearing as the market has become so commercialised. Recognition of the importance of amateur sport is therefore in line with the idea of bringing sport close to the citizens. The report rightly draws attention to negative phenomena in the sporting world. I refer for instance to doping and to the exploitation of sports people. Even young sports people at the start of their careers are at risk, and protecting them is a priority issue. Hence the restrictive provisions concerning the transfer of young sports people and the approval of the principles regarding signature of the first contract with the club that trained the young person. This is a step in the right direction, as is joining forces to combat doping and coordinating activities at international level. Guaranteeing professional sports people the same rights as contracted workers is also important. Finally, I should like to congratulate Mr Mavrommatis on preparing a good report."@en1

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