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"I would first of all like to thank the rapporteur for his outstanding report and in particular, on behalf of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, for the attention that he pays to civil liberties, justice and home affairs in the area of sport. In particular, then, I call for the strengthening of cross-border cooperation between police forces, based on the exchange of information, while still respecting data protection, of course. Secondly, it is our opinion that in stimulating the licensing systems, explicit attention should be paid to protecting minors and reducing discrimination, racism and violence. Thirdly – and this has already been said – there is the matter of reducing trafficking in human beings. I am thinking primarily of the trade in children and the exploitation of talented young people, often from the third world, but also of the trafficking of women, in the context of forced prostitution at large sporting events. In the run-up to the new Treaty, the time has now come, Mr President, to translate this report into definitive action. I would therefore like to end with an appeal to the European Commission – and I know that I am now taking up the Feyenoord club song, ‘not words, but actions’ – an appeal for the White Paper and the outstanding words of Mr Mavrommatis to be put into action. As FC Groningen say: ‘let us once again shout for joy’, Commissioner."@en1

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