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"Mr President, I welcome the white paper on sport and I particularly support the emphasis on securing greater legal certainty, because relying on a case-by-case approach in the courts has led to an inconsistency of approach in terms of governing sport. I note the actions that the Commission has outlined this morning, but I would like to ask the Commissioner to comment on whether it intends to propose guidelines to clarify which aspects of sport are governed by EU law and which are exempt and should be dealt with by sporting bodies. Another issue which I believe the Commission needs to tackle urgently is that of illegal trafficking of children, especially from West Africa, to the European Union due to demand in Europe for talented African players. This has sparked a growth of unlicensed football academies in some African countries and I am deeply concerned that young children are being exploited by ruthless agents and then sold on to clubs as if they were commodities. Some find themselves abandoned in Europe, having sacrificed their family’s entire savings to pursue their dreams. Stronger action by Member States, European clubs and African governments should be taken to ensure that they do not participate in this. Finally, I would like to ask the Commission what deliberations it has engaged in on the issue of sports and intellectual property rights, especially with the growing accessibility of sports footage on the internet."@en1

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