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". Mr President, firstly, on behalf of the Socialist Group, I must say that I support the report we are debating this morning and will very likely adopt later on in plenary. Myth and reality are being mixed up in this issue, but we Socialists, having been at the forefront of the fight for transparency and control, are not going to allow anyone to perpetrate a false myth that we have a hidden agenda. We have an open agenda which involves the citizens and transparency in the European Union. I believe this represents a major step towards transparency and control in an area which is undoubtedly surrounded by a great deal of myth. Lobbyists are not bad or good by definition; it depends on how they act and on how they are controlled. I must say that we Socialists have been at the forefront, right from the start, in reinforcing transparency and control and, as a result, democracy with regard to lobbyists. Mr Turmes, it seems that you have a fixation with the Socialist Group. Focus on other groups. I wonder, did the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety decide, in its opinion, to criticise the Socialist Group? You are speaking on behalf of the Committee on the Environment. I would ask you to please give your opinions on other groups when you are speaking on your own behalf and not when you are speaking on behalf of a committee. We believe that the definition of lobbyists contained in the report is correct, although we should like more differentiation. Profit-making private companies are clearly not the same thing as non-governmental organisations or trade union federations. However, the footprint is legislative. The common and mandatory register and code of conduct, the corresponding sanctions and financial disclosure are key issues which are correctly included in this report. I would also draw your attention, Mr Turmes, to the fact that you insist that we Socialists are against financial disclosure, when some of your group’s amendments set limits on this financial disclosure, whereas we do not want any limits. We also want entry into force before the 2009 European elections and for the planned working group to complete its deliberations before the end of 2008. Do you know, for example, that the Socialist Group will support two of your amendments in this respect? You must be unaware of this."@en1

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