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"Mr President, on 29 March 2008 presidential and local elections took place in Zimbabwe. However, no results have yet been announced. The blockade on the publication of the results of the presidential elections and the accompanying repression of the opposition are an unacceptable form of stifling the democratic aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe. The fact that on 14 April 2008 the High Court in Zimbabwe rejected an urgent application from the opposition group, the Movement for Democratic Change, for the electoral commission to release the results of the elections shows the dependence of the judiciary on the current incumbent of the presidential office, Robert Mugabe, who is afraid of losing power. We roundly condemn the breaches of human rights and the use of force against the opposition. To supply arms to this country at this time is to encourage the possibility of an outbreak of civil war and is equally deserving of condemnation. For this reason, too, special appreciation is due to the port employees in South Africa, who refused to unload the arms sent from China to the security forces in Zimbabwe."@en1

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