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"Mr President, I have the impression that one of the few times that Lebanese members of parliament elected in 2005 have been able to act freely was recently, at the plenary sitting of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly in Athens, because being a Lebanese member of parliament is certainly very dangerous, as events have tragically demonstrated. I think that there are some who want us to believe that there is no solution for Lebanon, and therefore that Lebanon is not viable as an independent, sovereign and democratic State. We need to fight against this by supporting the Lebanese institutions, supporting the Arab League’s plan and demanding the removal of any obstacles that are being placed in the way of peace and understanding coming to that country. Europe has not washed its hands of Lebanon; I would like to remind everyone here of the European military presence in UNIFIL 2, which is an impressive number, and there have been many casualties and deaths, as the Council has reminded us. Our political presence is equal to this military presence. We have limitations, but within those limitations on our capacity, we need to ask the powers outside the region and the Lebanese to reach an agreement, as without them it will be impossible for there to be socio-economic development for the good of the people or peace in the Middle East."@en1

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