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"Mr President, the disturbances in Tibet have left several hundred people dead. China only mentions thirteen. One death is too many. The Tibetan demonstrators were allegedly shot in self-defence. The Chinese Premier blames the Dalai Lama for the situation that has arisen. It is a familiar story. A Communist country riding roughshod over human rights. A minority fighting for its rights, calling for the autonomy it has been promised, but which has been taken from it. There has been talk of a boycott, of non-attendance, but also of conciliation and dialogue. If nothing happens, then at the very least the Olympic flame should not pass through Tibetan territory. I would also ask you, however, whether we can carry the flame through the whole of Europe with a clear conscience? In many European countries even today, people still get beaten up because they speak a different language from the majority, minority leaders are given all the blame for a situation that has arisen, and human rights and the rights of communities to self-determination are a taboo subject. We must speak up for the rights of the Tibetan people, but let Europe also set its own house in order."@en1

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