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"The world has tolerated China's bullying of the Tibetan people and culture for decades, for reasons of geopolitical opportunism. Now, disgracefully, we are refraining from putting pressure on the Asian powerhouse, which continues to infringe human rights. The international silence or complicity derives more from commercial and financial expediency than geopolitical tactics. This unexpected inclusion on the agenda, which moreover testifies merely to a formalistic interest in the issue, is not going to restore in people like myself – who have always condemned China’s arrogance – the hope that the EU will not only express verbal condemnation but impose sanctions. Such sanctions must go much further than the question of the Olympics, even though the Eastern Bloc countries behaved differently on the occasion of the Moscow Games. I therefore feel ashamed to be a citizen of a craven Union, the same one that only a few days ago ignored international law by recognising the independence of Kosovo, just as I was ashamed of the Italian Government and almost all of Italy's political parties – majority and opposition alike – which acceded to China's request not to grant the Dalai Lama an official reception when he visited Italy. Our governments are slaves to the market, devotees of free trade and communism, and will always be opposed by free-thinking citizens like myself who will continue to protest against injustice."@en1

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