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"The Tibetan crisis fills all of us with alarm and we sympathise with the victims. The Chinese government must protect human rights and not resort to violence. The Dalai Lama is asking for autonomy for Tibet and I believe this proposal is a wise and appropriate one. Based on its rich cultural, historical and religious traditions, Tibet certainly deserves autonomy. Autonomy could provide a solution to similar historical and ethnic conflicts in many other countries in the world. At the same time, I believe it is very important not to mix politics and sport. The boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics and the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics were a bitter chapter in the Cold War. Outstanding sportspeople missed out on an opportunity to prove themselves, and whole nations deprived themselves of the joy of Olympic participation. I can say without a doubt that the vast majority of the sports-loving Hungarian public was opposed to the 1984 boycott and would oppose any suggestion of a boycott in the present case. Let us stand by the Tibetans in political terms, but let us not ruin the joy of sport for hundreds of millions of people."@en1

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