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"Many thanks, Commissioner. Ladies and gentlemen, I think this has been one of the European Parliament's finest hours, for we have championed the most important cause of all, namely human rights. I think we can be grateful not only that we have come together for this debate – although for procedural reasons we cannot formally vote on a resolution; that is something we will be doing in April – but also that we have signalled very clearly that we are on the side of the Tibetan people. My appeal to you, and my advice – and I am confident that this will happen – is that we continue to observe what is happening in China and Tibet with our eyes open, and continue to raise our voices against the violation of human rights in Tibet and, indeed, elsewhere in the world. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your contribution to what has been one of the European Parliament's finest hours. Every Member who signalled under 'catch the eye' that they wished to speak has been able to do so. I think it is important, in such a passionate and important debate, that anyone who wishes to voice their opinion should be able to do so. My heartfelt thanks go out to you for that reason too. I hope our debate meets with favourable resonance in the European Union and beyond. Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner, I am sure you will convey to the Council of Foreign Ministers the mood of this debate as well as our passion and commitment to the cause of human rights. I wish you every success as you do so, and trust that the Council of Foreign Ministers will also draw tangible conclusions, just as we have done from this debate. I now declare the debate closed."@en1

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