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"Mr President, your excellent statement and the present debate show that the European Parliament does not want to remain silent, that it does not want to collude with a dictatorship’s oppression of a minority. We know that it is very difficult to exert pressure on a country like China that carries great weight in global politics, and it is better to persuade them to negotiate with the Dalai Lama on Tibet’s situation. The Chinese had the wisdom to find a solution in the case of Hong Kong and Macao based on the principle of ‘one country, two systems’. This might be one way of resolving the present situation too: for Tibet to be part of China, but having very wide-ranging autonomy under the leadership of the Dalai Lama, because the current level of autonomy falls short of what the Tibetan people want. Mr Geremek has provided a framework for this, and I would like to put forward an idea: let us try to persuade the Chinese that there is indeed a feasible solution that would maintain China’s territorial integrity while at the same time providing the Tibetan people with the autonomy they deserve. Mr President, I am proud of you as the President of this Parliament."@en1

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