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"Mr President, I had the good fortune to be present as a spectator at the Munich Olympic Games the day before the tragic assassinations of athletes took place. I know how hard Germany tried – and was successful – in effacing the memory of the Berlin Olympic Games. I remember as well, of course, the Olympic Games in America, where some of the American athletes who were victorious on the podium rose with black gloves on their hands and wearing black socks. In other words, the Olympic Games in its modern manifestation has always found it very difficult to avoid political events imposing themselves on what is meant to be a celebration of sport and of peace. It might be that the Olympic Committee – and we have colleagues here in this House who sit on that committee – might consider that the flying of national flags is actually not in the Olympic spirit, and that it should be the Olympic flag which is flown. As far as the Chinese authorities are concerned, I wholly agree with your words."@en1

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