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"Mr President, may I say that the Olympic Games are always a major sporting event, but always a political event as well, both for the IOC, and in this case also for China, because of the pledges that were made by the Chinese in connection with the Games, namely that they would respect human rights and ensure better protection of the environment. In my view, they have yet to honour either of these pledges. In fact, the human rights situation has seriously deteriorated and we need to react to that. For that reason, I, too, believe that Europe should not be sending its Heads of State or Government to the opening ceremony. However, we need to go further than that. We need to have a genuinely European policy on China. A strategic partnership is impossible to implement in full while these massive human rights violations are occurring, and so I would ask that we continue the dialogue but confront the Chinese with what they are doing and not allow any hypocrisy. That means that when Angela Merkel, for example, meets the Dalai Lama, Sarkozy should not then be travelling to China to sell the TGV and nuclear power plants without once mentioning the word 'human rights'. The yardstick by which we, as Europeans, must be gauging our own performance is our human rights dimension, including in our dealings with China."@en1

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