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"Mr President, the 2008 Olympics are a unique opportunity for Europe to initiate a debate on the events in Tibet and the universal humanitarian values agreed by the United Nations. Pressure must be put on China to keep the promises it has made in exchange for hosting the Olympic Games. China must allow the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights into Tibet to carry out a thorough and impartial investigation into the events there to date. The actors involved in development cooperation as well as the international press have to be guaranteed access to Tibet. China’s civil rights activists must be allowed to act without the threat of arrest. Now there is also an opportunity to support the worthy non-violent struggle on the part of the Tibetan leader and their exiled spiritual leader to achieve autonomous status. China will be more inclined to listen to us right now than ever before or after the Olympics. We should not exclude the option of a boycott if it helps to achieve results."@en1

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