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"I have been pointing out for several years now that we must not close our eyes to a gross breach of human rights in China, regardless of our economic goals. Tibet is the tip of the Chinese iceberg. I fully support the belief of the President of Parliament, Mr Hans-Gert Pöttering, that if China continues with its cultural genocide against the Tibetan people, boycotting the Olympic Games would be justified. European politicians should express their disapproval with Chinese politics through non-attendance at the opening ceremony. Politics is about symbols and gestures, and this would be a fitting gesture for European politicians, presidents and prime ministers. Not only for me personally but for many Europeans this will be a test showing whether the European Union treats human rights as a transnational issue and a matter that touches us all, or whether it is going to take selective approach in the case of China. I am very much in favour of the idea of sending our own observers to Tibet. Allow me to make one more small comment: I do not like the fact that these days we can neither freely fly the Tibetan flag nor bring it along to any action with links to the Olympics. The Olympic idea is based on the purity of a sporting spirit and this spirit most certainly does not go together with the silence of other countries during the Olympics about the fact that the organising country brutally suppresses the rights of the Tibetan people."@en1

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