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"I, too, welcome the debate and comments on this issue. I believe that we should not hold back on a single accusation or a single demand for respect for fundamental freedoms and human rights. I must also therefore express my solidarity with Tibet, with the Tibetan people and with the Dalai Lama, whose words once again point to the right way forward. In addition, I must express my solidarity with the Chinese people who are fighting for freedom everyday, with the sons and daughters of Tiananmen. However, having said this, I am not in favour of a boycott of the Olympic Games. I would prefer a clearer and firmer policy at trade level and in our political relations, because that is where we must act, not at the cost of sport and relations between people who are trying to promote human rights and freedom. That is what we want. I favour political measures, for example the absence of political leaders from the opening ceremony. However, I believe that we must continue to fight for and put pressure on China to open up, rather than encourage it to shut itself off. I believe that these Olympic Games will raise global awareness and will advance the causes of human rights, Tibet, Darfur and all those fighting for freedom and peace in the world."@en1

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