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"Mr President, we are today debating the next stage of the extermination of the Tibetan nation. Tibet has never been part of China on a permanent basis. The Tibetan people lived in isolation from the rest of the world and essentially enjoyed independence throughout the course of history. I have to say that the statements by the representatives of the Council and of the Commission urging both sides to engage in dialogue are regrettable, because they confuse the victim with the perpetrator, as has become quite fashionable of late. Mr President, I welcome your suggestion to arrange a boycott of the opening ceremony, and I call on others to act according to your example. I should like to point out that Point 5 of the Preamble to the Olympic Charter states that any form of discrimination is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement. Accordingly, as we are unable to expel China from the International Olympic Movement, we should make our position clear through a boycott."@en1

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