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"Mr President, the crime in Tibet is equivalent to a crime against the European spirit and ideas. Silence is a crime in certain situations. I am pleased, Mr President, that your words today have broken the European Union’s silence and that enables me to address you, Mr President. The people of Poland have experience not only of fighting for freedom but also of the round table, which became the instrument of that fight. I ask you, Mr President, to launch an initiative for a round table that would bring together, around you, the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, the representatives of Tibet and Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama; you could invite the President of the Chinese Congress and the Chinese authorities. This would be a goodwill gesture that could launch the necessary dialogue and debate. I believe, Mr President, that this House is grateful to you for your words here today. It would also be grateful to you for a new initiative, an initiative for dialogue and peace."@en1

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