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"Mr President, Tibet is just one small part of a much greater plan. Currently, China is deliberately supporting each and every one of the authoritarian regimes in the world, from Burma through to Belarus and Sudan. Chinese ideologues have made no secret of the fact that they wish to offer the world an alternative to the liberal and democratic road to development. The fact that China has become the epicentre of authoritarianism is not a simply a regional problem for Tibet, Taiwan or the Uyghur people. This epicentre of authoritarianism is making its presence felt ever more strongly in the world, at the expense of Europe itself and of the United States. This is therefore the last opportunity to depart from a passive policy. All European governments should act in unison and boycott the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. These Games must lead to the downfall of Chinese policy, otherwise they will lead to the downfall of the entire free world."@en1

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