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"Mr President, since 10 March, unprecedented demonstrations have taken place in Tibet and at least three Chinese provinces, and in Beijing. The Chinese Government claims that 18 civilians and one policeman were killed and a total of 623 people injured during the protests in Lhasa on 12 March. Tibetan exile groups have reported that at least 800 people died during the protests. The correspondent who was in Lhasa as the riots broke out reported on the scale of destruction and violence. First of all, the European Parliament should call on the Chinese Government – as Human Rights Watch rightly demands – to lift its lockdown of all Tibetan areas, including full media access; account for the missing and dead from this month’s protests; publish the names of all individuals and their places of detention; and give immediate access to independent monitors, who can investigate whether detainees are being tortured or mistreated. Secondly, we urge the Chinese Government to enter into constructive dialogue with the Dalai Lama. The Tibetan community and the Dalai Lama himself also need to think about the security and feasible future of the Han Chinese in Tibet. My last point is that there is now a great responsibility on all international actors in the current situation – particularly the sponsors of the Olympic torch, such as Coca Cola, Samsung and Lenovo – not to associate themselves with the highly repressive situation in the region."@en1

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