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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, 70 years ago – I have not been able to count the days – Europe, the Europe of nation states, declared that it could not and would not die for Danzig, that cowardly Europe, that anti-liberal – although formally antifascist – Europe, in its entirety, was jointly responsible for one of the two most horrific wars ever, those scars on the face of humanity. Today, in different ways, we do not wish to die for Darfur, we did not wish to die for Yugoslavia and we do not wish to die for Tibet. This Europe really is the Europe of nation states. Take a fresh look at Spinelli and read the Ventotene Manifesto, listen to the words of the Dalai Lama and you will see that the choice of autonomy, the ‘free Tibet for a free China’ stance, represents everything that constitutes the Europe we are now losing: our European homeland, which we are sadly now once again turning into a Europe of nation states. I therefore believe it has to be said that Mr Solana should have remained silent; he has already proclaimed ‘I am going to the opening ceremony’. Another important point is the realism shown by the Dalai Lama and by Karma Chophel, which suggests to us that we should not be raising the apocalyptic problem of non-participation in the Olympics, but taking action in the form of not endorsing the opening ceremony. We should be saying, through Mr Solana, ‘ ’, we are not going, rather than continuing to present this shameful spectacle. For free China, for free Europe, free Tibet!"@en1
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