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"The European Union must become a leader in the fight against climate change. The adoption of a less polluting policy would improve the quality of life of the 490 million of European citizens. The Member States should develop policies and actions for energy security and the fight against climate change leading to sustained economic development and job creation. The European Council established several guidelines: investments in research and development, promotion of ecological transport, review of the Directive on energy taxation, increase in energy efficiency and, above all, the provision of information to and involvement of European citizens in the fight against climate change. The European Council held in March 2008 pointed out the importance of enhancing EU energy security. The European Council held in 2007 declared the Nabucco project to be a project of European interest for the diversification of energy sources and energy security within the Union. We are looking forward to the presentation, in November 2008, of the revised strategic energy policy that will focus on the security of the energy supply, interconnection and the Union’s external policy in the field of energy. I congratulate the European Council on the introduction of the fifth freedom: “the free movement of knowledge”. This is a great challenge to which the Union must respond by investing in human resources, SMEs and the social Europe."@en1

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