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"Last year we committed to tough and ambitious environmental targets and the time has now come to face up to the challenge of achieving them. The imperative for the EU, however, is to attain its environmental goals without committing economic suicide. We must not play ecology off against the economy. I therefore welcome the compromise that was identified at the recent summit. Combating climate change comes at a cost of course. However, the cost of inaction will greatly exceed the cost of the mitigation measures required. Nonetheless, it is essential to ensure that the burden of reducing CO emissions is divided equitably among the Member States and industrial sectors, and also, in my view, to ensure that those Member States that have already done more than the others to combat climate change are not put at a disadvantage. The energy-intensive sectors must make their contribution to cutting CO emissions as well. We must demand that they, too, convert their production processes to the latest environmentally-friendly technologies. In the interests of competitiveness in the European economy, however, we must do our utmost to prevent any relocation of CO intensive sectors to countries outside the EU. If the climate movement in Europe could motivate developing economies such as China or India to play their part as well, that would be a welcome step."@en1

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