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"The Council expressed its intention to conclude the climate change and energy package by the end of the mandate in 2009, and for this reason the European Union must endeavour to observe this commitment and to remain a leader in the fight against global warming. The goal is to conclude, in Copenhagen, in 2009, an ambitious agreement on climate change, for the period after 2012, so that EU preserves its credibility at international level. Another important elements debated in the Council was the risk of relocation of CO emissions released by energy intensive industries which are exposed to international competition and will migrate to less regulated markets with a cheaper labour force. The European Union is committed to protect the competitiveness of European industries and, implicitly, the jobs generated thereby, and this matter will be included in an international agreement on solving this problem. The ambitious proposed package presented by the Commission represents a true challenge for the European Union and we, the European Parliament, will endeavour to assure that this package is finalised in 2009."@en1

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