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"I would like to point out five themes among the conclusions of the Council, that thousands of Romanians, and perhaps many other Europeans, thought of this morning before leaving for work. 1. A reduction in the administrative burden under EU legislation. The lesson should be learnt by all Member States, and for instance by Romania, where a reduction of bureaucracy costs by 1% would generate a saving of one billion euros. 2. The adoption of the Small Business Act – the initiative on SMEs – and the principle of enactment taking account of small businesses. This is a good idea for Romania, where SMEs account for 70% of GDP and jobs for 60% of the employed population. 3. The rate of unemployment amongst young people: Romania ranks second at Union level, with an unemployment rate of 21% among young people. 4. The provision of quality, affordable structures for child care. In large Romanian towns kindergartens cover less than 70% of parents’ demand. 5. The improvement of energy efficiency. A simple way to achieve this goal is thermal rehabilitation of buildings. In Romania there are more than 80,000 blocks of flats that are an enemy to energy and cost savings. Over the last six years, insulation work on two such blocks of flats started in the capital of Romania."@en1

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