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"The beginning of the new 3-year cycle of the Lisbon strategy was a central part of this European summit. Among the Council proposals I would like to point out the importance of the principle of the free movement of knowledge within the European Union. The introduction of this freedom should be supplemented by legislative proposals from the Commission to be presented in the course of this year. I remind you that, in parallel with the Lisbon strategy, the Bologna process on the establishment of a common education space by 2010 should also be implemented as soon as possible. Thus, mutual recognition of university diplomas and other formal and informal qualifications, the extension and adequate funding of European mobility programmes such as Erasmus, Comenius or Leonardo, as well as the launching of a new generation of educational curricula and institutions jointly elaborated by the Member States could contribute to the implementation of the free movement of knowledge. In order to enhance the consistency of this new principle of Community law, we must also elaborate a programme with well-established deadlines to eliminate all current barriers to the free movement of knowledge. I believe that a commitment to adopt a Charter of Intellectual Property Rights by the end of 2008 is a good step in this direction."@en1

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