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"Following the decisions of the European Council, I have only one small comment to make on the guidelines for employment policies in the various Member States. The European Council has confirmed (which is not surprising) the current EU guidelines in order to complete another stage in the liberalisation of labour markets and in the intensification of worker exploitation, with the aim of increasing capital gains. This must be how to interpret these guidelines, which, under the deceitful guise of flexicurity, have the objective of increasing flexibility in labour markets, work organisation and labour relations, including what they advocate on amending labour law by revising, where necessary, various contract terms and provisions on working time. The result will be more time at work, a faster rate of work, a loss of wages, fewer rights and less job security for workers, purely in the interests of employers. Using this Trojan horse of the alleged modernisation of labour markets, job protection mechanisms, public administration and social welfare systems, the EU is confirming its goals of dismantling and destroying the economic and social victories of workers. Given these goals, how can national referenda on the proposed Treaty be avoided?"@en1

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