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". – A co-ordinated long-term policy is needed which sets out ways to tackle climate change by sector. The package submitted by President Barroso to the Parliament is a step forward and it is encouraging that the Council recognizes that the EU must agree on a range of policies before the end of 2008. I welcome the target to increase the use of renewable, sustainable energy by 20% and there should also be a target in place to improve energy efficiency. The package should include a target to decrease carbon emissions by 30% by the year 2020 and targets for decreasing carbon emissions every year are needed at Member State level as well. These targets need to be outlined in legislation. It would seem that such legislation is the only way to guarantee that we are tackling carbon emissions properly in every aspect of policy making and political decision-making. We must be careful that a target for motor fuel partially composed of biofuel does not cause damage. Unless climate change is tackled worldwide disasters will result. It will damage our surroundings, our economies and our society."@en1

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