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"The conclusions of the European Council of 13/14 March 2008 and the debates in the European Parliament of 26 March 2008 point out the importance of the EU neighbourhood policy and approve the Mediterranean Union principle, a more substantial mechanism of cooperation between the EU Member States and the non-member states in the southern vicinity of the Union. I believe that EU priorities should also be focused on the eastern issue of the neighbourhood policy: to this end, I point out the necessity of closer cooperation with the Republic of Moldova. Thus, I support the conclusion of a new cooperation agreement between the EU and the Republic of Moldova, with clear and strict references to the much required progress in Kishinev in the field of democracy, the federal state and the enforcement of human rights. EU expectations should focus on assuring the true freedom of the press in Kishinev. Flagrant cases of violation of freedom of the press such as the case of the journalists at the radio station “Voice of Basarabia” or certain televisions or newspapers in Romanian operated or published in Kishinev have been frequently cited lately. Such reports should not be a matter of indifference to the European Council and Commission. I truly hope that a more consistent EU policy in the eastern neighbourhood will become a priority for the political action of the European Council and Commission."@en1

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