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"Mr President of the Council, Mr President of the Commission, Mr President of Parliament, the icecap is melting and this morning Mr Pachauri, head of the IPCC and Nobel laureate, told us of his concerns. He spoke about the possible sudden increase in the sea level and we are aware of the consequences that would entail. Of course, we must act quickly and effectively, and the 10% biofuel target will have a negative effect when we are hoping for the best. Ladies and gentlemen, we must prevent this poor decision and adopt a positive approach instead: let us do away with the 10% target. Finally, Mr Barroso, I would like to put one question to you: I would like to know why you did not tell President Sarkozy that the European Union already had a European Neighbourhood Policy and it was entirely unnecessary to invent a new structure: one that, at the end of the day, would be an office of 20 people whose job would be to resolve the problems of the Mediterranean, without any consultation. I personally believe that it is actually an insult to our Mediterranean partners that they were not consulted about the establishment of this project for a Union – a symbolic term for those of us who are part of the European Union – for the Mediterranean."@en1

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