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"Mr President, the fact that we have avoided a poor compromise on the issue of climate change is very important. I would like to draw Mr Barroso’s attention to the fact that the directive currently being drafted on renewable energy sources, expected to be ready in autumn 2008, will only bring results if it takes adequate account of the need for Europe to take joint action to develop methods and technologies, as renewable energy is still too expensive at present, and otherwise the 20% goal will be illusory. The other matter relates to interoperability and flexibility. Please take into account that the new Member States dismantled their industry from 1990 onwards, and we would like the emissions reduction for the period 1990–2020 to be included, because this makes it fair. We do not want to reduce our emissions by less than the old Member States; we want to make the same reduction, but the particular situation in our case was different. Thank you for your attention."@en1

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