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"Mr President-in-Office, Mr President of the Commission, Mr President of Parliament, I agree with Mr Karas on one point, namely that it is not about the number of times that the word 'social' is mentioned but the spirit of the text itself. Nonetheless, I must contradict him. It is precisely this spirit which is lacking in the text, even though the word 'social' appears time after time. What we want, as the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, is for the social dimension to be enshrined not only in the text but also in the policies that we are helping to shape. We cannot continue to have a situation in which the social dimension is the fifth wheel on the wagon, as it were, which is how it appears in the Council's text; social union must be the driving force behind Europe's policies. Only then will we be able to convince our citizens that we are doing something useful for them. That is the message we want to convey."@en1

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