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"Mr President, thank you for allowing me to speak in this debate. A working visit by the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection in China from 16 to 21 March in which I participated confirmed my belief that it is high time for Europe to kick-start its knowledge-based economy, and to encourage the creativity and innovative abilities of small and medium-sized enterprises for the future development of the European economy. I personally experienced how well the Chinese export economy is doing today thanks to its investment in research, innovation and education, enhancing the basic technological skills of the workforce and transport infrastructure. The Chinese Government gives massive support to Chinese firms. I am therefore pleased to see that this year’s EU spring summit plans to create a ‘fifth freedom’ based on cross-border mobility of knowledge, focusing on the need to make knowledge more accessible and on the recognition of qualifications and diplomas. That is the only way to enhance the quality of life for our people and the only chance we have of becoming a competitive knowledge-based economy. Thank you."@en1

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