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"Mr President, like others, I welcome the opportunity to support the summit conclusions, particularly on the climate change package. I note the ambitious timetable, and I assure you we will do everything possible on our side here in Parliament to meet that timetable, because we are very conscious of the need – which is externally imposed on us, but nonetheless very welcome – the need, before Poznań and, particularly, before Copenhagen, to have a very clear EU position on the emissions trading system, as we are now calling it. I have the responsibility to be the rapporteur for the European Parliament on this most important part of the package. I welcome that responsibility and have broad shoulders. I hope I will live up to the trust placed in me, and I look forward to working with rapporteurs across all the political groups to get an agreed position as soon as possible. There are just two concerns I would like to raise today. First of all, the lack of recognition of carbon sequestration, particularly afforestation (as distinct from avoided deforestation): forestry and carbon credits – the lack of accreditation in this area. A huge omission. I would like to hear, through the Chair, from the President of the Commission as to whether we can make good on that. I know there are some discussions going on somewhere in the Commission, but it is like finding a needle in a haystack to find out who is doing what where. They try to run when one talks about carbon sequestration, particularly afforestation and avoided deforestation. I know it is difficult, but we cannot leave it out. The second point I would like to raise is that the Commission – having said it would decide which energy-intensive industries would get free exemptions, at least initially, and in the absence of an international agreement, and that by mid-2010 the Commission would decide which industries would so qualify, and then take another year to come up with answers to the carbon-leakage problem – has caused a huge clamour from likely energy-intensive industries for more and earlier legal certainty. We do not want any delay in this decision, because it will result in lack of investment in these areas or investment being put on hold and likely to migrate to other regions. Please, political direction early – now, if possible – on this very difficult area."@en1

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