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"Mr President, people are worried about climate change and its effects. The fight against climate change, however, will be much cheaper than anticipated. Studies show that reducing greenhouse gas emissions by as much as is needed to pre-empt the worst scenarios will slow down worldwide economic growth by around 1%. If no action is taken, the loss in economic growth could rise to as much as ten times that. The fight against climate change will create a huge market for clean environmental technology and a use for that technology in its different forms. What we urgently need now in the European Union is additional investment in product development and marketing, so that European companies can acquire a clear leading position in the global market for environmental technology. It will not do us any good now if we are slow to move and simply put miserly sums of money into product development, because technological development is forging ahead at a furious rate the whole time, and will also be the case in other countries unless the EU acts."@en1

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