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"You have made steady progress, certainly as regards the large legislative packages concerning energy and climate. I support all of this. I am happy about this clear progress and I therefore also support you as a member of the Dutch delegation when it comes to unbundling, the separation of policy and implementation between energy networks and producers. As regional policy coordinator I am glad that the text of the Lisbon Agenda now sets out the position of the regions and cities very clearly. It is there, close to the citizens, that innovation occurs and that our funds, the Structural and Cohesion Funds but also the research funds, are being used. These priorities, which this Parliament set out in its resolution and on which the Committee of the Regions has also spoken, have now been well formulated. I have just one comment. For the first time the Lisbon Treaty has incorporated territorial cohesion. One thing that was missing – it is referred to in only one place – was the vision of the Council and the Commission in this respect. It was initially foreseen that the Council would also make progress on this point; it is now waiting for the White Paper due in September. I want to make one more common on this. Cohesion, particularly as a response to globalisation, means that on the one hand you say ‘yes’ to the concentration of research and development and important activities in certain parts of our territory –for example, the aviation industry or nanotechnology – but on the other hand you have to have a vision for the rest. This becomes all the more important if globalisation continues, as we expect it to. I hope therefore that before the next Council a vision will be set out and that the decisions taken on it, including those in the Commission, will be positive."@en1

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