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"I agree with the European Council’s conclusion that the outcome of the fight against the dangerous reality of climate change depends on reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. That is why it is most important to exploit every opportunity to refrain from using natural resources and limit gas emissions pursuant to the Kyoto Protocol. Reducing gas emissions from household waste is one of the unexploited opportunities. In 2005 these amounted to 2% of all emissions. One of them, methane, is generated mainly in refuse dumps, which are the worst possible way of managing waste. The European Environment Agency has recently calculated that it would be possible to reduce emissions appreciably if waste management were more closely linked with policies for alleviating the effects of climate change. We have now been given the opportunity to do that, because we are currently updating the 20-year-old Waste Directive. This opportunity should be used to increase recycling and burn the remainder to produce electricity and heat. Both these activities should adhere to the strictest environmental standards."@en1

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