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"Permit me once again to express my amazement that nothing was said at the most recent European summit about the problems in Turkey. The use of headscarves in Turkish universities has provoked a large constitutional crisis and that crisis was completely predictable. Now we have the situation that the AKP, the ruling Islamic party, risks being banned, and both the Prime Minister and the President of Turkey are in danger of losing their political rights. We have never experienced anything like this in a candidate Member State. Commissioner Rehn says that the whole crisis will have no effect on the accession process, which is, to put it mildly, a thoughtless statement. How can he say that, when he does not even know with whom he may shortly have to negotiate? What is the Council’s standpoint on the question? It seems as though nobody is interested in the problems in Turkey any more. As long as we think that the problems will blow over of their own accord, however, as long as we say nothing, then I fear that a large number of unpleasant surprises await us."@en1

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