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"Mr President, I would like to take the opportunity provided by this debate to draw attention to just two issues linked to the so-called climate package. Firstly, the burden of combating climate change has been distributed very unfairly within the European Union. The CO emission limits were shared between individual Member States without taking sufficient account of how far some of the latter lagged behind in terms of development. This approach meant that countries such as Poland were allocated lower limits. It also meant that Polish power stations were obliged to purchase part of their limits at auction from the outset, which resulted in the cost of electricity rising by between 10% and 20%. If Polish power stations are required to purchase all of their limits at auction from 2013, electricity prices will increase by several dozen percentage points, and many sectors of the Polish economy will therefore cease to be competitive. Secondly, according to the European Commission’s own estimates, implementation of the climate package will cost around EUR 50 billion a year, at a time when most of the countries of the world, notably the United States, are not taking any action whatsoever to combat global warming. It may well be that European industry will no longer be competitive on the world market. This calls for the introduction of provisions to protect European manufacturing, which is burdened by such high additional costs."@en1

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