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"Mr President, I am going to make my remarks on the climate change package. The PSE Group gives broad support to the conclusions on climate change. We very much welcome the fact that it is now recognised that this is the year to deliver. The commitments were made last year but now the whole world is watching – the Commission President made that point – to see whether Europe will deliver on what it signed up to last March. We welcome that. We, like you, hope that we can make major progress before the end of this parliamentary term – if we can get the right package of course. We will be keeping an eye on that. I want to pick up on three specific points. Firstly on carbon capture and storage. You are right in picking this out as extremely important. But you do not talk anywhere about how we are going to fund the demonstration projects which Europe needs to set up in the next few years. I hope you and the Commission will turn your attention to this very urgently indeed. Without funding we will not get this technology up and running. The second point is about biofuels. I think it is widely accepted now that we must have a sustainable biofuels strategy and, if we do not get it, then we have to look again at the targets we have set. The third point is about the emissions trading scheme. You have committed yourselves to two very important principles: that there is a single European cap and that there is a downward trajectory in emissions. Without those two ingredients there is no viable ETS. All the problems of the first period arose because we did not have those things, so they are extremely welcome now. You have also recognised the problem of carbon leakage. We know that this is a real concern to citizens, to trade unionists, to employers, and we need to look at this. My group attaches a lot of importance to making sure that we remain competitive and retain jobs in Europe. In paragraph 20, you also talk at length about flexibility. You mentioned it three times. But I hope we are all clear what we are talking about when we talk about flexibility, because we must not confuse flexibility with actually doing something. Out there is an army of lobbyists, all making special cases for their industry. There is only one special case, and that is the planet. We all need to remember that. Every company, every country and every citizen will have to make an effort. It is how we share that effort, not whether or not we make it, that we have to debate."@en1

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