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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I feel as if some of us always expect some kind of sensation. In view of the starting point and the issues to be addressed, this was not a normal summit; it was far better than might have been feared for some other summits. It was a good summit and I welcome the results, but it is true that the citizens want action and the issue of credibility also needs to be addressed. On the day the summit produced its results, I was asked by a schoolgirl why I had any confidence in these results, given that they were developed and adopted by the very people who are failing to meet the Kyoto targets and implement the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy in full. That is why I have now taken to emphasising one particular point: the European Union's credibility with the citizens hinges on whether we actually put into practice what we adopt on paper. What we need now is joint and tangible action within the agreed timeframe, not national squabbling. Implementing these decisions will require a great deal of hard work. If we do the job properly, the summit will have strengthened innovation and competitiveness and bolstered growth and employment, and that is the best form of social policy. We see the social dimension as being an integral part of our policy. It is judged not only by the number of times the world 'social' appears in the document, Mr Schulz, but how much responsibility and social commitment it contains."@en1

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