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"Thank you, Mr President. Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome the outcome of the European Council Spring Summit where the focus was on progress on the Lisbon Strategy and on launching the new cycle of the renewed Lisbon Strategy for growth and jobs (2008-2010). Since each Member knows which point of the Strategy is crucial for his/her Member State, I too have chosen from among the conclusions presented the one that is, in my opinion, important for Slovakia at present: investing in knowledge and innovation. It is a sad statement of fact that although we have been since 2004 a full member of the European Union where free movement of people is guaranteed, although we are Schengen members and, as I believe, soon we will also be members of the Economic and Monetary Union, to this date the citizens of our country still have to cope with obstacles and a lack of transparency concerning employment and they often find themselves in jobs that are below their qualifications in spite of their education level or work under far worse financial conditions than their colleagues. Difficulties in accessing health care are another problem that has been ignored until now: this is a significant fact that has an impact on equality among employees, students and scientists. That is why I support creating a ‘fifth freedom’ based on enhancing the cross-border mobility of researchers, as well as students, scientists and university teaching staff. I believe that this will enhance the quality and credibility of our universities and that Slovakia, too, will help, within the framework of globalisation, to enhance the prestige of the European Union. By doing away with the inequalities between the old and new Member States we will achieve what the founders of the European Union envisaged. Let us remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link."@en1

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